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peEk into our world…

We’ve approached every detail with the care an artist would give to his or her masterpiece. Sinn-Ergy organizes a variety of members-only events in the DC-area such as Sip & Sinn Meet & Greets, playful, higher-end, sensual, erotic, slightly over the top “fantasy” themed events, and vacations. We create a fantasy world and leave it to you from there. Talk, dance, watch, flirt, be watched, participate a little, participate a lot. No matter your comfort level, you will have all the ingredients for a great evening you will both remember. Join us and spice up your life a little!



Sinn-Ergy experiences are members-only events. We take care in screening prospective members to ensure all of our guests the utmost comfort and enjoyment. Depending on the venue, our events may be attended by 50, 100, or as many as 500+ sexy guests—and we continue to grow as our reputation grows. Presently, our events are hosted in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland—and our guests travel from across the country, as well as Europe. You can apply for membership here.


Theme events

Get dressed up and fulfill fantasies. Our goal is to create events which stimulate all the senses through our flirtatious to spicy “Cirque de Soleil type” entertainment. Midsummer’s Night Dream, Halloween, New Year’s Eve are just a few of our larger events. Men in tuxedos, women in gowns, custom decor and music by experienced, National & International DJ’s combine for a fully-immersive event


VIP tables and bottle service

Have a small group coming together? We offer the opportunity for VIP tables and bottle service at many of our events to truly make it a special evening. Some of our events allow you to bring your own beverage.


Private Exciting locations

Most of our events are in the DC-area, and the venues feature extensive decorations and custom lounge areas and play spaces which allow for couples to get to know each other.